We have the pleasure of working with clients of all sizes in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, education, financial services, and non-profits. The common denominator is their desire to tell their brand story to customers in a smart, effective way. 
Here are just a few.

Selected Client Experience

Funshine Express

Funshine Express creates curriculum kits for preschools. They wanted to increase their audience and increase sales on their web site. EnginePoint Marketing began fixing and creating content, enriching their site with search engine optimization, running paid search campaigns, Facebook advertising, and remarketing. Their rankings have greatly increased, as has their web site traffic. We deployed our machine learning algorithms to the paid search campaigns to ensure true efficiency. They are enjoying one of its busiest and best summer sales cycles ever.

Deliverables & Tasks
Content Development, Search Engine Optimization, Video Optimization, Paid Search, Remarketing, Facebook Advertising, Analytics & Reporting

Halo, Purely for Pets

Halo is a premium pet food company that included a vegan dog food line. It is a niche product, but one with a loyal audience base. Halo wanted to increase their digital exposure  to this curious audience as they went online to educate themselves and buy vegan pet products. EnginePoint Marketing began an expansive SEO campaign and buttressed it with Paid Search. As a result, they soon outranked their competitors, SEO became the #1 source of traffic to the site, and the primary driver of sales.

Deliverables & Tasks
Search Optimization, Paid Search, Analytics & Reporting


baggallini is a lifestyle brand that makes travel bags for women, as well as handbags and purses. They were seeking a partner that could design, build and run a highly responsive paid search campaign that included frequent promotional offers and lots of testing. A promotional calendar was organized to ensure all sales and promotions were cycled into the paid search campaigns. A process of testing new ideas, messaging, and targeting was established for all areas of the campaign. We deployed machine learning algorithms on all areas of the campaigns. As a result, the campaigns have had the largest return on ad spend (ROAS) in recent history. 

Deliverables & Tasks
Paid Search, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Remarketing, Analytics & Reporting

A Wide Array of Experience with Organizations All Over The Country

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