The Marketing AI Revolution: Can Machine Learning Tools Become Your Magic Marketing Superpower?

Machine learning and AI is a rapidly evolving space. AI tools have worked their way into various marketing tools, such as content creation and now, generating images from scratch. Are they any good? This is part 2 of in our series about the quality of AI tools in marketing.

(This is part two in our series about AI and machine learning tools in digital marketing. You can read part one here.)

Machine learning tools and AI is a rapidly evolving space. In years past, it was the domain of big companies investing R&D dollars into AI, searching for breakthroughs to determine if and how AI could be used in the future. Now, we are seeing machine learning and artificial intelligence making its way into daily use marketing tools that claim everything from reducing the time spent on tasks all the way up to complete automation.

Machine learning has worked its way into various paid search tools, for example, that use algorithmic learning to try to keep your PPC campaign bid prices as low as possible, while keeping the amount of traffic you receive high.

One particular area AI is gaining traction is in generating content. This is not new, and some of these robot generated content tools have been around since the the 2010s. However, they produced very low quality content, often including typos.

Is it Really AI?