Digital Audits

The digital audit assesses your brand’s digital footprint and measures you against digital best practices in your industry, category, and key competitors. We score on vital criteria to provide a well-rounded, holistic view of your site’s performance and its reception by users, and how it performs in search.

Know Where You Stand in the Industry and with Your Competitors

Our audits are designed to assess current SEO health and value and identify opportunities for the future. An SEO audit should not only identify current bright spots and blinds spots, but should prepare your site for what is to come. Our audits are designed to be a critical assessment of SEO health, but with one eye toward the future. 

Easy-to-Follow, Clear Advice

Our audits are a mixture of our own indexing spiders, machine-measured factors, and a search expert manually checking and reviewing information. This allows our experts to use their expertise to weight the data, with some consideration to current SEO and equal consideration to upcoming SEO advancements. All of this information is compiled into an easy-to-follow format, with clear priorities identified.

An Analysis of Competitors

Our audits include an assessment of several competitor sites, which allows us to uncover their SEO strategies. It reveals what strategies they may have in play (if any), and how they are approaching the future. That information—balanced with other factors regarding SEO value—guides us in our prioritization of upcoming tasks to help move your site ahead.

Pragmatic and Pioneering

Our experts make a determination on the level of search optimization being employed across the industry—and by competitors—to gain an understanding of the type of SEO campaigns (if any) each company may be following. Ranking algorithms change frequently. With dogged attention to the industry, we cast a critical eye on today with strong consideration for what’s to come.

Expert Analysis

The criteria assessed are a combination of machine measurements and manual expert analysis. While some items can be machine measured, it is human expert analysis—people with years of digital experience, across industries—that rounds out the report.

Audit reports are rich in data, and communicated in a way that is highly visual and easy to follow. The final report will contain the needed information above along with analysis and insights about how the information can be applied to help you get ahead.

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