Thinking, Striving, Laughing.

We’re curious. We’re immersed. We dive into data and we study. We connect. We’re digital sherpas, guiding, helping, and carrying. We’re futurists always looking around the corner.

Enginepoint Marketing was founded in 2008 in Columbus, Ohio, originally as a search-focused marketing agency, but has grown into an expanded digital agency. We provide a wide array of digital marketing solutions to clients and white label our solutions for other advertising agencies all over the country.

Our Work Culture Is Guided By A Few Key Principles

Be Friendly

Midwesterners didn’t get the reputation for being friendly by accident. We embrace it. We spend a lot of time working, so we make a point to enjoy it. That means appreciating the people work with, finding joy in helping our clients, and bringing a little bit of fun into each day.

Be Friendly
Group at Table

Be Smart, But Always Learn

We pride ourselves in being experts and we follow the industry closely. But we also know that we can’t know everything. So we foster an atmosphere of constant learning. We share our knowledge with each other, we ask questions, we learn together, we teach and mentor.

Wild Ambition

Trying new things and reaching into new territory is valued and encouraged. We are pragmatic, but innovation is key. We seek the thrill of working in new industries, with new products and with new technologies.

Wild Ambition
At Yosemite

Seek Balance

We love what we do and we love living life, too. Meeting client deadlines is important and so is being at every one of our kids’ soccer games and recitals.

Ambitious Plans with a Humble Beginning

EnginePoint Marketing was founded after a simple realization, or rather, frustration. We saw that search marketing was being deployed as a simple check-box tactic and treated as an item on a marketing to-do list. Our point of view is that search is best utilized as a full-scale marketing channel. We can reach people in a unique way and analyze the data to get insights that will fuel our strategy.
We made searchers the focal point. What they experience as they search teaches us a lot about how to introduce seekers to brands, shoppers to carts, and learners to information.
Delving into that information gave us even richer insights about people—not just about their search query, but what they think, feel, and do as they go about their day—unique insights that can supercharge all of your marketing.
In 2009, EnginePoint Marketing was partnered with another ad agency—Conrad Phillips Vutech—and worked in tandem with them until 2017, when the company was spun off to its own freestanding digital agency.
While we have grown in size and scope, our point of view remains the same. Search is ubiquitous and deeply embedded in how people think, act, and shop, and we leverage the data and the insights we glean from it to build wide-ranging, dynamic marketing campaigns that truly talk to consumers and deliver results.