Content Marketing

Arguably, content marketing has been around since the Guttenberg press was invented. Ever since, people have been trying to find out how to get everyone else to read their content and keep coming back. First it was newsprint, now it’s blogs, tweets and emails. No matter what the content is, the goal is the same: engage the audience so they pay attention.

Magnetic Content Marketing

Content marketing and inbound marketing are synonymous, and have the same goal. We create engaging content that attracts people. This can take the form of web content, whitepapers, emails, blog entries, tweets, Facebook status updates, or any number of other things. EnginePoint Marketing constructs the strategy—and the content—that earns links, traffic, eyeballs, conversation, and engagement.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that is all about providing great quality content that is relevant, speaks to your audience, and is done on a consistent basis. High quality content can then be shared across channels or just on one, with support from others.

Content Strategy

Content strategy solves what to write, when to write it, and who to write it for. It identifies the voice and tone. It’s the clear path forward and acts as the focal point for all the content that is created.

Content Calendars

Creating a shared calendar of what needs to be written and when keeps everyone moving toward a singular goal. It maps out content for weeks and months to come. It ensures content is created at just the right time to engage an audience.

Search-Friendly Content

Search engines love highly authentic content. We create content for the audience, but we also use keywords so that search engines can help us reach new audiences, too. This type of content can pay dividends for years into the future.

Putting Content Where It Works Best

Audiences engage with different types of content in different ways. It depends on where they are and what they need. We create the right content—whether that’s web copy, blog posts, whitepapers, thought leadership pieces, social media posts, or emails—for the right destination and situation.

Guided by research, our experienced content creators can assemble a full content plan, from planning to strategy, creation to deployment. We create digital assets that can be used across many properties with a consistent voice and tone to engage your audience and discover new ones.

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