Display Campaigns

With first- and third-party data, we can pinpoint audiences with engaging ads. Backed by learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, the campaigns run efficiently and optimize quickly.  From building brand awareness to creating motivated responses, smart display ads engage audiences.

We Identify People, not Devices. We Target Audiences, not Places.

Your audience will use multiple devices a day, with many different mindsets, trying to accomplish different goals. We’ll build campaigns that are as dynamic as your audience. 

With insights gleaned and data aggregated from one channel, we augment and optimize performance in other channels, creating robust, multi-dimensional campaigns that are constantly learning in real-time and driving results.

Our network is giant. We have access to over 6 billion available daily impressions, across a network of 300+ inventory and publisher partners.

Programmatic Native
Programmatic TV

Cross-Device Mapping

Since you woke up, you might have looked at your phone, then your computer at work, then later, your iPad. Most people use multiple devices each day. It’s all part of the digital journey people take, everywhere they go.

Our sophisticated system tracks people across the devices they use, while they navigate their day, and their online habits. We target audiences across devices, with relevant information.

Programmatic, but with a Human Touch

We utilize sophisticated technologies, such as machine learning and AI systems to aid the ad-buying process. This helps ensure we are using the ad dollars very efficiently and helps optimize campaigns quickly. But our experts are always engaged and analyze the data to make decisions about the campaign.

Some tasks machines can (and should) do faster, but analysis and decisions are left to experts who understand your objectives.

Device Agnostic

From desktop to mobile to tablet, we can target audiences whether they are at their desk or on the go, with banner, video, in-app and social mobile ads.

Always Optimizing

Every ad impression is scored against campaign objectives, leveraging contextual data to bid efficiently on the opportunities that matter. As the AI learns what works—and what doesn’t— the dynamic bidding engine will continue to optimize, reducing your cost and improving your return on ad spend.

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