Video Optimization

The web is a visual medium, and while all that carefully crafted text is still important on your website, customers keep hitting the play button. So now that you’ve invested in great videos and video channels, let’s make sure they rank well in search results so customers can find them.

Driving searches to your video.

SEO is a powerful tool to drive users to your brand—whether that’s on your web site or any other online property where your brand resides, especially video channels like YouTube and Vimeo. Let EnginePoint enhance the rankings for any property where a consumer might find you by improving video titles and descriptions so they don’t just connect with your brand, they pull in your customers.

Optimize the Channel

Video views are important, but treat your channel as another full digital property that can capture the attention of your audience. Optimizing your video channels—like YouTube and Vimeo—creates an engaging destination.

It's the Details

We’ll ensure the behind-the-scenes technical details—like video sitemaps and transcripts—are properly deployed to ensure search visibility.

In addition to optimizing the channels and videos that you already have, EnginePoint can consult with you on topics for new videos and video channels. Leveraging real-time keyword research data, we can see what your customers are looking for, what questions they are trying to answer, and how they are looking for products or services you offer. You can use this information to determine what new videos you can create to help capture these customers.

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