Paid Search

One of our original service offerings, SEM is now more dynamic and sophisticated than ever. With detailed keyword research and audience identification, our paid search campaigns match the intent and needs of the audience. Leveraging AI and machine learning, optimization is always-on, plus, with constant attention by search experts, we ensure results.

An All-Inclusive PPC Program

Search is unique in how it uncovers insights about online behavior. Search data reveals what people think, feel and do. Paid search allows us to take advantage of that data quickly, and adjust messaging accordingly. Long term, SEM powers very specific traffic, with messaging directed exactly at what the searcher needs in the moment. We’ll identify the best keywords and bidding strategy, and tie the keywords to the right ad copy and the perfect landing page.

Data-Driven Ads

Paid search provides near real-time data on how the campaign is performing. Our Constant analysis ensures performance.

Extensive Experience

Our company was founded on SEM and SEO. We’ve worked on hundreds of campaigns for a wide array of industries all over the country.

Optimization and Testing

We optimize campaigns constantly to make sure they are performing to meet your goals. Our testing is guided by insights to ensure the campaign is never stagnant. We even monitor the performance of the landing page to ensure consumers are acting on the ads they see.

Shopping Ads

Plug your product catalog directly into search results to gain exposure early in the buying funnel. Product ads showcase your products, set you apart from competitors, and get people directly to the things you sell. 

Clear Reporting

Results matter. That’s why we assemble an easy-to-follow report that quickly communicates the performance of the campaign to you and your team. Our reports don’t skimp on detail, but you don’t have to be a search expert to have a full understanding of what’s happening.

Machine Learning and AI

Always guided by our experts, we utilize the latest technologies to inject added power to campaigns. This ensures budgets are used in the most efficient manner, and that some optimizations are happening in near real time. But it is our people who analyze and make campaign and messaging decisions.

EnginePoint Marketing abides by all terms and conditions set forth by Google. Feel free to read Google’s information on Working with Third-Parties.

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