Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries

After keeping tabs on cannabis legalization news, your state legalized recreational marijuana. So you got your dispensary license and opened your very own cannabis store. Now that everything is up and running, you’re wondering how to get more foot traffic. Sound familiar?

As a full-service digital marketing agency with deep roots in search marketing, we know how to find, attract, engage, and deliver the medicinal and recreational dispensary customers you’re looking for. 

Turning Online Awareness Into Offline Foot Traffic

By leveraging keyword research, search trends, and consumer insights, we can pinpoint targeted strategies and develop smart creative that will not only build your brand but also boost your bottom line. No matter if you’re an established dispensary or a budding newcomer, we’ll help you grow your marijuana business.

Since we started as a search marketing agency, we understand the process people take when searching online and then evaluating the many choices presented to them. A search engine is the most common first stop as they seek to learn, discover, shop, and share. We use these insightful behaviors as our guide to identify useful tactics and weed out useless ones, resulting in marketing solutions that work.

Reach More Curious Newbies

Engage With Loyal Regulars

Boost Online Interaction & Orders

Increase Foot Traffic at Your Store

Grow Your Dispensary

As marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) have finally become more accepted (and, you know, legal), demand keeps getting higher and higher. People who’ve never dabbled may be curious. Long-time fans will be looking for credible shops and supplies. Our cannabis marketing solutions help them find and trust you.

State Cannabis Regulations

We are well aware that individual states regulate the manner in which recreational and medical dispensaries can advertise and market their businesses. We’ll make sure you can reach new audiences and engage with existing customers to increase your business without running afoul of your state’s regulations.

Your Menu, Everywhere

We'll ensure your menu data is structured and optimized for search on your website, search engines, and other eligible channels (i.e., Yelp, Foursquare, WeedMaps, Leafly, etc.). Keeping an accurate menu of your products will help newbies to learn about your offerings and regulars to find what they’re looking for.

Get on the Map. Literally.

Google. Google Maps. Amazon Alexa. Apple Maps. Waze. Facebook. Bing. Uber. Yahoo. Yelp. It doesn’t matter which map, nav app, voice assistant, or search engine consumers use to find your dispensary. The important thing is being there when they do. We’ll make sure your info is always accurate and prominent.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews impact how potential new customers view your business and how search engines rank your site. We can monitor all of your reviews in a single dashboard. This allows you to respond to reviews while also simplifying the process of getting authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers.

More Interest, More Sales

Through precise digital marketing customized for you and your market, we will increase visibility, nurture interest, and ultimately drive sales for your dispensary. Whether it's website traffic or in-store foot traffic, online orders or curbside pickups, we’ll make it easier for customers to find you and more likely to buy once they do.

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Our Services Help Attract Customers to Your Dispensary

We bring more than two decades of experience serving clients in a range of industries—from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits to local start-ups—to your dispensary, CBD product, or other cannabis-related business. Learn about some of our digital marketing services below and contact us to talk about these and other ways we can help you find the customers you need and the results you want.

Local SEO

Show up in search engine results when people search for places to find cannabis, CBD products, or things to do nearby.

Paid Search

Expand visibility for your dispensary with ads that’ll show when people search for relevant products and experiences.

Display Ads

We’ll design banner ads that show on the web encouraging potential customers to stop by and check out your products.

Ratings and Reviews

We can monitor your reviews across many networks, respond to them, and help get new one from your customers.

Social Ads

We’ll design and place ads on Facebook and Instagram that promote good vibes and experiential benefits.


Let’s show off your cannabis dispensary with video assets on your website and video ads on Instagram and YouTube.

Web Design

We’ll create a responsive, search-friendly, on-brand digital destination for your company that’s easy to keep up-to-date.

Print Design

We can make sure all your signage, brochures, loyalty cards, and other print pieces match your brand style.

Menu Integrations

We’ll ensure your menu is accurate, comprehensive, and optimized for search so it’ll be easily findable online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Dispensary Marketing Services

There are so many great ways to leverage marketing to get more potential customers into your store. We will customize a plan to fit your business, market, and budget that also accounts for your challenges and goals. Then, with your approval, we’ll put that plan into action and run the whole thing.

Cost varies based on what we are doing for you, of course, but the starting cost is very approachable. We can also charge a lower monthly fee, allowing you to pay over time, if you prefer.

It’s our goal to help increase your business as quickly as possible. We will assemble a strategy just for you and get the parts moving as quickly as we can – often within a matter of weeks.

We will put a marketing plan together that is appropriate for your specific dispensary. If you are in a state that only permits medical dispensaries, some marketing tactics will likely need to be adjusted to meet restrictions. However, we can happily assemble a plan for you regardless of your dispensary type. 

Yes. We stay on top of the cannabis regulations throughout the country and will create strategies that abide by those in your state. Additionally, we will run everything by you before proceeding to ensure we’re on the same page at any given point.

All you have to do is fill out the form or call us. We’ll get our team together with yours, so we can ask questions and you can share your goals and challenges with us.

Our 100% US-based team is located in the heart of the midwest — Ohio!

Address 3212 River Rd, Frankfort, MI, 49635

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