What to Expect from Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program

Enriching a site with the right balance of keywords and content.


Efficient code that creates a very interactive site, yet allows every page to be touched by engines.


Tweaking design elements to remove any barriers to search engines, while keeping the stunning look.


Easy-to-follow reports with analysis, progress and next steps.

Search engine technology changes constantly. The algorithms are updated on a regular basis by search engines to present the best results to people online while fighting spam and blocking cheap SEO tricks. Keeping rankings moving upwards require diligence, and a willingness to be obsessive about the details of algorithm changes. The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) is based on your site’s copy, design and development. Applying SEO—also called organic or natural search—means understanding how engines interpret your site and how people use engines.

The EnginePoint Marketing® search optimization (SEO) plans include:

  • Search Audits: a straightforward and honest assessments of where you stand. Includes side-by-side comparison with your competitors.
  • Best Practice Report: a one-time set of recommendations that are specific to your site to get you up to best-practice level.
  • SEO Campaign: A month-over-month program that is all inclusive SEO. We track keywords, trends, competitors, your industry, and put it all together in thoughtful recommendations each month. Includes complete tracking of results.

Our SEO programs include deliverables, such as:

  • Keyword research to determine targeting
  • Industry & Competitive Audits
  • Back end, technical changes
  • Content Management System changes
  • Meta information
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Creating/Adjusting landing pages
  • Link structure
  • Link building
  • Product pathing