Why I like the Google-Yahoo Deal
Earlier today, Google and Yahoo announced they are going to put their awaited agreement/business deal on hold for the near future to allow the Department of Justice to review the deal. The deal would have done two main things: one, outsourced Yahoo's SEM advertising to Google, and two, give Yahoo a mountain of (needed) cash. Some estimate the deal would be upwards of $1 billion per year for ... read more
Microsoft Offers Bribes to Increase Marketshare
Microsoft has launched SearchPerks (link: www.GetSearchPerks.com) to bribe users to give users the chance to win prizes for using Microsoft's Live search engine. A user can win up to 25 tickets per day for using the engine. But to add further insult to injury, the service only works on Internet Explorer. Yes, that's right, if you go to the link using any other browser, you are instructed to ... read more
Google to Change Policy on Abortion Ads
The BBC is reporting on a change in Google's policy on showing ads in relation to searches on abortion. Previously, Google was not allowing religious groups to place text ads for the term. In a statement, a Google spokesperson told BBC News: "Following the review we have decided to amend our policy, creating a level playing field and enabling religious associations to place ads on abortion ... read more
Yahoo Calls BS!
Anyone following the "Will Microsoft ask Yahoo to get married" drama are already familiar with Carl Icahn, who started a school yard proxy fight over the future of Yahoo. Today, Yahoo posted an open letter to Carl Icahn: Yahoo!'s Board of Directors continues to stand ready to enter into negotiations with Microsoft Corporation for an acquisition of Yahoo!. Indeed, as recently as June, ... read more