Google's Competing Products Opens Door for Microsoft
In February 2006, I stipulated that Google was on the verge of becoming the next Yahoo. I did not mean it as a complement. This analysis came about as I was (again) watching Yahoo's product line fracture. Yahoo had a strange history of creating competing products. It was either a case of one part of a large company not aware of what another part of a large company was doing, or there was no ... read more
Tiger Woods for Sale on eBay
You have to hand it to marketers for their ability to jump on a trend. In fact, it's one of the core strengths of SEM -- the ability to very quickly show ads for hot searches that may relate to your product line. It is interesting to me how companies attempt to capitalize on pop culture trends. Example: the recent scuttlebutt over Tiger Woods and speculation over what the heck actually ... read more
The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend
Yahoo! and Microsoft... Microsoft and Yahoo!. Together at last. Despite what they may say about increasing innovation and the operating income of each company, this deal is about one thing: Google. The basic terms of the deal include Microsoft running the search engine portion, in essence, making Yahoo! search an extension of Bing. Yahoo will run the ad platform. This makes perfect sense, as ... read more
How to Test a New Search Engine
With the launch of Bing this week, as well as the recent introductions of Wolfram Alpha and Zuula, I thought I'd share my tips for how I kick the tires on a new search engine to see how good it is. 1. Type in your own name. You know who you are, so see how much the search engine knows about you. Unless you have a very common name, even a mediocre search engine should return your facebook ... read more