Dance with Yahoo!
Since early August when Yahoo! confirmed they were indeed reading meta tags again, there have been a lot of questions on forums (and by clients) about what it means. Should companies that had overlooked meta tags until now, add them back on their sites? Meta tags were never a silver bullet, or the integral way to get a site ranked well. They may have had strong favor back in ’96 or so, but ... read more
Yahoo! Using Meta Tags
Jason Glick, Yahoo!’s Search Manager recently announced that Yahoo! does indeed read meta tags as part of its ranking criterion. Will this be a resurgence in meta tags? Are they needed? I always said yes. The biggest reason people don't use them is because Google ignores them. Not so much for spam reasons, but because they believe their spider can correctly read and rank a site without ... read more
How Often Do I Resubmit my Site?
Resubmission to search engines is a topic that comes up relatively often. Even clients that I have worked with that knew little about SEO have heard about site resubmission. Inevitably I am asked, how often should I resubmit my site? Never. Once a search engine indexes you, there is no reason to resubmit. Think of it this way. In my kitchen, in a drawer under my microwave is a phone book. In ... read more
SEOs: Evil Magicians or Benevolent Interpreters?
There seems to be a rising controversy over some recent comments by Patrick Keane, Google’s head of sales advertising. At the last AD:TECH, someone asked Mr. Keane how valuable SEO really was to increased ranking. His reply was that there is no way for an SEO to increase any site’s ranking in Google and that the claims of SEO people (like me) were false. This disturbs me on several ... read more