Remember Cuil, The "Google-Killing" Search Engine? They Are Out of Business.
When Cuil (pronounced "cool") was launched on July 28, 2008, there was a lot of optimism for what this new up-start search engine could do. In fact, the optimism was so grandiose that some labeled Cuil a "Google-killing" search engine. I wrote about the engine and the "Google-killing" moniker here and here, for example. And poking back in time, the article from MSNBC. With that much ... read more
Measuring World Cup Interest with Keyword Searches
After a full weekend of World Cup action from South Africa, I began to wonder just how popular it was turning out to be in the United States. I often tell clients that search engines are the largest focus groups in the world. So, I pulled some keyword data to see where in the US the World Cup was the most popular. I wonder how many of those searches in Ohio are from me checking scores while ... read more
How Search Engines Work
This video provide a great, yet simple explanation of how search engines work: read more
Google Updates Search with Caffeine
Today is the official launch of Caffeine, a new method Google is using to index the web. Google is a little bit mum on if this is effecting the actual search ranking algorithms or if this update is designed more purely to increase the speed of updating the index. Google's description of Caffeine: Our old index had several layers, some of which were refreshed at a faster rate than others; ... read more