What's Your Thumbnail Indicator?
Sometimes we over complicate the success ratio. Any business may have many numbers the track to figure out if one month is better than the previous. Generally, there should be a single "thumbnail indicator" a business can look at that quickly frames how things are going. It could be how many widgets were sold this month, which you can easily compare to last month. A number like that doesn't ... read more
What Manti Te'o Demonstrates About Search Engine Use
This past week, we learned about Manti Te'o and a hoax that defies logic. Apparently, Manti Te'o's girlfriend never actually existed. Was Manti Te'o a victim of a catfishing scam, or was he complicit in the hoax because he liked the attention he was getting? Manti Te’o, Linebacker, Notre DameAs I have mentioned before, search engines expose what is on our collective minds. People turn to ... read more
When Old Blog Entries Cause Potential SEO Problems
In the process of our site redesign, we took the time to go through all our old blog entries make sure they were tagged correctly. The blog had been moved a few times  (from our corporate site, to it's own blog-only site, then back again) and we noticed a few of the tags were missing on old entries. Then we noticed something else. Because the blog had been moved a few times, some of the ... read more
3-Tips to Increasing Paid Search Conversions
A stream of customers are knocking on your door, but they aren't coming into your store to buy. What should you do? This is a simple question/analogy that I sometimes use with clients to put some perspective around paid search campaign conversions. A client may assume the paid search campaign is not adding value due to low conversions, and may even suggest turning off or pausing the ... read more