Life after BackRub: Three Tips for Better Link Building
Link building—adding links on your site in exchange for other sites adding yours—is a long-established SEO technique that goes back to the early days of Google. The search giant referred to it as a “back rub,” and compared it to how scientific and medical papers frequently referenced each other’s research. It was a foundation for how Google ranked sites. However, as notorious link ... read more
When Keyword Research Should be Like Music
Keywords. Search often boils down to keywords, doesn’t it? Knowing which ones to use, then using them, then tracking them. It’s an oversimplification, of course, but I think you get my drift. And because search often comes down to keywords, keyword research becomes an important deliverable in any project. Though an issue does arise when keyword research becomes nothing more than a ... read more
Compare Yourself to the Right Companies
Temple Grandin has arguably done more for animal rights than any other person alive. As an animal behaviorist, she consults all around the US regarding livestock behavior – to safe and stress-free ways to transport animals, to the design of facilities and even humane methods of slaughter. She has a unique insight that can be applied to search marketing in a very powerful way. During an ... read more
What Time is the Super Bowl?
Can you guess what one of the most searched for terms was a few weekends back? "What time is the Super Bowl?" That's right, one of the highest searched for items on the weekend of February 3rd was the starting time of the Super Bowl. This highlights two growing search habits: 1. People typing in complete questions. 2. People using search engines to find items of convenience. 1. Searching ... read more