I Now Call Google to the Witness Stand
In Florida, there is an interesting legal case unfolding. The defendant is accused of purveying obscene material from a web site, but the definition of obscenity is based on community standards. As a way to poke holes in this, the defense wants to show that "the community" is actually a lot less moral than they say they are. How are they going to show this? By using search traffic data from ... read more
Versus Starts Aggressive Tour de France Ad Campaign
"Screw the dopers, politics and critics." That's the first line of Versus's new ad campaign to get attention back on the Tour de France. A slate of TV ads coincide with the launch of a new site called, Take Back The Tour. "Join the Movement" is a great call-to-action. The link takes you into the site, where everything has a tone of defiance. A link in the top right asks, "How will you take ... read more
Rumor's of Google's Death have been Greatly Exaggerated
Inside the industry, there have been rumors floating around for the last 6 months or so that Google is having trouble retaining people. Fortune even had a piece on the brain drain that is allegedly taking place. Today, Slate.com has a great piece exploring the validity of the rumors. It's worthy of a read. read more
Brain Drain at Google?
According to CNN, Google might be facing a brain drain as employees are leaving comfortable jobs to make their own way with their own start ups. (Link: Where Does Google Go Next?) This reminds me of an article by Robert Cringely that he wrote in May of 2007. In this article (Link: The Final Days of Google), Cringely suggested that Google's downfall would not be Microsoft, but some uber-smart ... read more