The Positive Long Term Effects of Non-Branded Campaigns

Paid search is a great way for brands to reach their customers, as they target customers at the exact moments when they are searching for your products or services. Non-branded campaigns, which don't include specific brand names in the ads, reach out to customers who were not thinking about your business when they were searching. Non-branded campaigns can be a fantastic way to expand the reach of your ads and find new customers. Here are some key reasons why you should consider including non-branded campaigns in your overall paid search strategy.

Non-Branded Campaigns Expand Your Customer Base

Non-branded campaigns capture customers at a much higher level of the buying funnel. For example, let's imagine that your brand makes running shoes for men. Customers who search for your brand of shoes have probably already done some research into different types of shoes and decided that the ones you offer might be a good solution for them. Branded campaigns would target these customers. On the other hand, non-branded campaigns target customers who are searching for non-branded terms, such as "men's running shoes". The number of searches for these generic terms is typically much greater than the number of searches for branded terms, so your ads can potentially reach a much wider audience.

Non-Branded Campaigns Provide Insights For Analysis

Experimenting with non-branded campaigns can provide valuable data that can inform your future advertising campaigns. In general, non-branded keywords have lower clickthrough rates and usually cost more per click than branded keywords. However, you may be able to find some generic keywords that convert well for your brand and don't face too much competition from other businesses. You can then design your future paid search campaigns around these keywords. They may also be useful targets for your SEO strategy.

Non-brand search campaigns capture data about how people are searching when they are looking for your products. This leads to insights about how they search in your industry and the solutions they are trying to find. Those insights can fuel the next round of strategy for paid search or SEO.

Non-Branded Campaigns Reach Out to Users Who Aren't Thinking About Your Brand

The key advantage of a non-branded campaign is that it can reach out to users even when they are not thinking about your brand. Reaching out to this group of people is usually tricky; if someone doesn't know about your brand, why would they ever navigate to your website and make a purchase or read the information on your site to find out more? Targeting non-branded keywords with your Google AdWords campaigns can make these customers aware that you exist, giving them the opportunity to click on your ad to find out more. Even if these people don't go on to make a purchase, you've succeeded in making them aware of your brand, which could lead to them becoming customers in the future. On the other hand, branded campaigns are most likely to bring in people who are already searching for terms related to your brand. These consumers are often easier to reach through other channels than people who don't yet know about you, so you need to ask yourself whether they are a worthwhile target of your paid search campaigns.

If you are also running a retargeting/remarketing campaign, non-brand paid serach campaigns can help build your remarketing lists. The retargeting campaign can help keep your brand top-of-mind after a consumer visits your site from the non-brand campaign.

How to Use Non-Branded Campaigns Successfully

To successfully incorporate non-branded campaigns into your overall strategy, research top-of-funnel keywords to target and run pilot projects to see how well they perform for you. If you need help optimizing your non-branded AdWords strategy, we can help you create an effective great non-branded campaign.