Category: Search Tech
Google Awarded Patent on "Voice Interface for a Search Engine"
Yesterday, Google was awarded a patent for a method to get "search results from a voice search query." Overall, the application is described as: A system and method consistent with the present invention address this and other needs by providing a voice interface for search engines that is capable of returning highly relevant results. I can think of a few interesting ways this ... read more
Accoona: What's in a Name?
A few weeks ago, I posted about Accoona and its potential to stand out. In a related entry, the Strategic Name Development blog has a great entry about search engine names, and specifically, Accoona. You can read the post here: Brand Naming: Accoona Means No Worries I found this insight to be particularly interesting: I found that search engines launched in the 90’s were much more ... read more
Accoona – Real Potential or Hype? has a good story about, a new search engine that could have real potential. [ Article link: Searching the World, From Jersey City] Sometimes I wonder why someone would start a search engine now, with the industry being utterly dominated by the big three – Google, Yahoo and MSN. Unless, of course, a new engine has a novel twist. Accoona has this novel ... read more
What Was Alexa Thinking?
Today, Alexa opened up their full data warehouse of information to anyone who cares to pay for it. For a fairly small fee, you can now utilize their spiders and processing power in whatever creative ways you can think to use it. Did Alexa want to "democratize data search" as its CEO claimed? Will this cause other engines to commercialize their spiders? Does this mean that anyone can ... read more