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Newsweek Article on Search Privacy
As a follow up to my last post, Newsweek has an article on the same topic. Link -- Newsweek: Will You Let Them Store Your Dreams? Interesting snip: In the AOL case, the records were supposedly anonymous, but since people commonly type in their own names and addresses into search engines, it's often trivial to identify who is searching. Indeed, The New York Times was able to deduce the ... read more
Worried about Search Engine Privacy? TrackMeNot
With the accidental release of the search queries of 658,000 anonymous AOL users onto the web, people have begun to ask questions about their own privacy. While the search records were considered anonymous because they were identified only by number, several sources, including the NYTimes, were able to track down some of the actual people behind the search data. A person does not have to be ... read more