Category: Keyword Research
How Semantically Connected Keywords Can Improve SEO
Keyword research has always been a foundational component of good SEO. Before search engines were as savvy as they are today, keyword research was critical for identifying the terms to use, in order to help Google understand what a page was about and how to classify it. Any page that wanted to rank well needed to feature the same keyword phrase, in the header, subheaders and throughout the ... read more
Keywords Have Seasons
Keywords have seasons. Don't use the right one at the wrong time.   read more
When Keyword Research Should be Like Music
Keywords. Search often boils down to keywords, doesn’t it? Knowing which ones to use, then using them, then tracking them. It’s an oversimplification, of course, but I think you get my drift. And because search often comes down to keywords, keyword research becomes an important deliverable in any project. Though an issue does arise when keyword research becomes nothing more than a ... read more
What Manti Te'o Demonstrates About Search Engine Use
This past week, we learned about Manti Te'o and a hoax that defies logic. Apparently, Manti Te'o's girlfriend never actually existed. Was Manti Te'o a victim of a catfishing scam, or was he complicit in the hoax because he liked the attention he was getting? Manti Te’o, Linebacker, Notre DameAs I have mentioned before, search engines expose what is on our collective minds. People turn to ... read more