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How Semantically Connected Keywords Can Improve SEO
Keyword research has always been a foundational component of good SEO. Before search engines were as savvy as they are today, keyword research was critical for identifying the terms to use, in order to help Google understand what a page was about and how to classify it. Any page that wanted to rank well needed to feature the same keyword phrase, in the header, subheaders and throughout the ... read more
What Time is the Super Bowl?
Can you guess what one of the most searched for terms was a few weekends back? "What time is the Super Bowl?" That's right, one of the highest searched for items on the weekend of February 3rd was the starting time of the Super Bowl. This highlights two growing search habits: 1. People typing in complete questions. 2. People using search engines to find items of convenience. 1. Searching ... read more
Top 10 Overall Searches 2012 vs Zeitgeist 2012
A few days ago I wrote about the top 10 searches of 2012. Right after that, Google released Zeitgeist 2012. It shows top trending searches of 2012. The lists I shared in my article and the list in Google Zeitgeist are not the same. So what's the difference? Was the top search on Google in 2012 Facebook, or Whitney Houston? (Hint: It was Facebook.) Google Zeitgeist shows the top trending ... read more
Top 10 Searches of 2012 & What They Says About Us
Search engines are the largest focus group in the world. When we analyze search data, we see what is truly on the minds of people all across America—no hiding, everything is exposed. People perform searches for what is really on their minds—from buying gifts for friends, to finding an old flame from high school. Keywords expose what a person is really thinking and what they really care ... read more