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The Positive Long Term Effects of Non-Branded Campaigns
Paid search is a great way for brands to reach their customers, as they target customers at the exact moments when they are searching for your products or services. Non-branded campaigns, which don't include specific brand names in the ads, reach out to customers who were not thinking about your business when they were searching. Non-branded campaigns can be a fantastic way to expand the ... read more
A healthy dental practice needs a smart digital plan
Since keeping your practice healthy in the long-term means not just quality care for your current patients, but continuing to bring in new ones, it’s important to know the best place to find them and search engines are an increasingly popular hangout.  Using a search engine to do everything from buying a book to booking a vacation has become second nature to consumers. Finding a dentist ... read more
What's Your Thumbnail Indicator?
Sometimes we over complicate the success ratio. Any business may have many numbers the track to figure out if one month is better than the previous. Generally, there should be a single "thumbnail indicator" a business can look at that quickly frames how things are going. It could be how many widgets were sold this month, which you can easily compare to last month. A number like that doesn't ... read more
Versus Starts Aggressive Tour de France Ad Campaign
"Screw the dopers, politics and critics." That's the first line of Versus's new ad campaign to get attention back on the Tour de France. A slate of TV ads coincide with the launch of a new site called, Take Back The Tour. "Join the Movement" is a great call-to-action. The link takes you into the site, where everything has a tone of defiance. A link in the top right asks, "How will you take ... read more