Category: Ask is at it Again
Today, launches a few new features, including an "upgrade" to the speed and relevance of their search engine. I particularly like the new (still in beta) Q&A feature. Based on any query typed, it returns what is essentially a real time FAQ based on questions and conversations being ask around that topic. Searches I performed (such as "flat panel tv") were a bit erratic. Most of ... read more
Changing Search Behavior with SpaceTime
A few weeks ago, I posted about the great things is doing. (Read here.) Personally, I think it's a great demonstration of where search should be going. Now enter an application called SpaceTime. It's not specific to search engines as it is more like a new method for browsing the web as a whole. But the demo does show how searching Google would be different using their application. It ... read more
What Has Your Search Engine Done for You?
While I was attending SES Chicago in December, this video was displayed at one of the Orion Panels. It's a great commerical that shows where search is going -- more toward a helpful, portal-type interface. Frankly, I think Ask3D kicks Google's Universal Search in the junk. While I'm on an lovefest, they recently posted a wrap-up of what they have done this past year. Worth a quick ... read more
DoubleClick's DART and Google
The mainstream press and the blogosphere is jumping with the news of Google acquiring DoubleClick. As I have had time to learn more details, I see that Google appears to have outbid both Microsoft and Yahoo in this deal. My big concern with this is how DART for Advertisers factors into this. DART can be used as a single doorway to PPC campaigns on mutliple engines, such as Google, Yahoo, ... read more