How Semantically Connected Keywords Can Improve SEO
Keyword research has always been a foundational component of good SEO. Before search engines were as savvy as they are today, keyword research was critical for identifying the terms to use, in order to help Google understand what a page was about and how to classify it. Any page that wanted to rank well needed to feature the same keyword phrase, in the header, subheaders and throughout the ... read more
The Positive Long Term Effects of Non-Branded Campaigns
Paid search is a great way for brands to reach their customers, as they target customers at the exact moments when they are searching for your products or services. Non-branded campaigns, which don't include specific brand names in the ads, reach out to customers who were not thinking about your business when they were searching. Non-branded campaigns can be a fantastic way to expand the ... read more
Keywords Have Seasons
Keywords have seasons. Don't use the right one at the wrong time.   read more
A healthy dental practice needs a smart digital plan
Since keeping your practice healthy in the long-term means not just quality care for your current patients, but continuing to bring in new ones, it’s important to know the best place to find them and search engines are an increasingly popular hangout.  Using a search engine to do everything from buying a book to booking a vacation has become second nature to consumers. Finding a dentist ... read more