What to Expect from Our Email Marketing Program

It's not just email, it's a connection. We'll set up a smart strategy to really connect with and grow your customers.

List Segmentation
List Segmentation

Organized audiences for more personal messages based on demographics, relationships or behavior.


Custom designed, responsive and mobile friendly to ensure your brand looks great everywhere.


Detailed analytics so you can discover insights that'll transform your business.

Email Automation & Segmentation

Welcome new subscribers with an automatic response. Send follow-up information based on the links they click in your emails. Personalized email content. Segment email lists to send targeted emails to specific groups with unique messaging.

Email & Social Integration

Easy sharing tools in each email expand the reach of your message and reach new people.

Mobile Email Marketing

Responsive emails that adjust to any screen size ensuring your emails can be easily read by anyone, at their desk or on the go.

Email Design & Delivery

We’ll create a series of on-brand templates that can be used for a variety of emails. Once designed and built, email content can be dropped in quickly for easy delivery.

CRM, eCommerce Integration

We can integrate our email system with Salesforce and Shopify to share data and sync audiences.

Email Reporting

Visual, easy to understand reports show how many people opened your emails, links that were clicked, and how engaged your audience is.

CAN-SPAM Compliant

All emails we send are CAN-SPAM compliant and meet all regulations for email marketing.